Vallo di Diano is a valley situated to the south borders of Campania, it is strictly linked to Basilicata both for its territorial borders and its traditions and folklore, going along A3 motorway you can it entirely, by following the coastline of Tanagro river, that also flows through the Valley from the south to the north.

With its big and little art, historical and natural treasures, it is a land to be fully discovered, starting from the Charterhouse in Padula, passing by Pertosa Caves, up to Cervati Mountain with its wonders and the Valley of Orchids in Sassano.


The western area of Diano Valley is an integral part of the Park, but the Valley is the entrance door to other two important National Parks: the one of Val d'Agri and the other one of Pollino mountain area.

The fifteen towns situated within the territory of Diano Valley are the ideal destination for a relaxing stay in full contact with nature, spent going around in search of the art wonders of this area and of the local traditions being still alive in the little villages.


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